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Where are the poets and intellectuals of this time?? The innovative minds, the intelligentsia, those that are breaking down the barriers, choosing a bohemian existence, escaping from dreary suburban ideals and materialistic death traps. Where are these engaging people? The risk takers, the revolutionaries?? Those living apart from the big unrest, escaping the sterility of corporate junkies getting high on materialistic consumption.. Welcome to The Bohemian Beat - where we will journey beyond the horizon and find the artists living on the edge, going down into the murky waters of their very existence, where these brave souls have re-emerged with art that is challenging, original and brutal.

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The Bohemian Beat - Poetry, Bards and Storytellers

Riddhi meanders with poetry and melodies from Banjo Paterson, Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody and Peter Porter. Including the segment ‘Stories that Matter’ with Jenni Cargil. featuring The Cedar Girl of Mullumbimby Grass by Annie Byrant.
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